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The St. Elmo Eagles The Windsor Blue Devils The Cowden-Herrick Hornets The St. Anthony Bulldogs The Beecher City Eagles The South Central Cougars The Neoga Indians The Brownstown Bombers The Stew-Stras Comets The Dieterich Movin Maroons The Altamont Indians

The National Trail Conference
10 Teams With 11 Mascots
Coming Soon - 9 Teams With 10 Mascots!

How does that work out? We have two schools that co-op ALL their sports teams. Student athletes from Brownstown and St. Elmo come from their respective high schools and compete as one team. Each sport is "hosted" by one of the two schools and that host determines the mascot and the name. For example in scholastic bowl the team is BSE which is Brownstown / St. Elmo and they compete as the Bombers. In boys basketball the team is SEB or St. Elmo / Brownstown and they compete as the Eagles. So it is possible for a student that plays in two different sports to play as a Bomber AND as an Eagle in the same season.

You may notice two mascots in the logo have smaller "minor mascots" that share their slice. This is to designate BSE or SEB. 10 teams with 11 mascots - only in the NTC!

2015-2016 the NTC will see a pair of schools co-op all their sports, Windsor and Stew-Stras.  At this point the Stew-Stras board of ed has endorsed the name "The Hatchets".  (see the online article.) If the Windsor board of ed approves then we lose the Blue Devil and the Comet and the Hatchet goes on the big wheel.  It may only be a 9 team conference for one year.  There is a good possibility we may be putting a Cardinal on the wheel in 2016-2017.  Only time will tell.

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2015 Brackets - UPDATED 1-31-15

  CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the brackets.



The NTC 2015 Seeding Meeting was held at Altamont on Jan.17th, which is a week later than years past.  The seeding has each coach ranking the other teams 1-9 and the team with the lowest seed total is ranked #1.  Here is how the seeding totaled up:

Team Seed Team Seed
Dieterich 1 South Central 6
Eff. St. Anthony 2 Stew-Stras 7
Altamont 3 Beecher City 8
Cowden-Herrick 4 Windsor 9
SEB 5 Neoga 10
Last Updated on 01-31-15 at 06:04 pm

Game 11 - The Hatchets Are Buried With Stew-Stras on Top

Unless Stew-Stras and Windsor meet in the state series, (I think it would even have to be the state championship game) game 13 marks the final time Stew-Stras will ever play Windsor.  The teams will be co-op with each other next year, and at this point the name "hatchets" is a favorite for the new team name.  The name reflects the "bury the hatchet" games that have been played between the two teams for many years.  Game 13 will most likely be the final "hatchet match" for the Comets and the Blue Devils.  This game was a fitting one with a close game with great action.  At the half the Blue Devils had a slight lead on the Comets 26-25 thanks to Tristian Warner's 12 point first half.  In the third it looked like the Blue Devils might be the winner as the stretched out the lead to 40-34.  In the fourth quarter it was time for the Comets to come alive and they did by holding the Blue Devils to just 5 points in the fourth and scoring 25 points and ending the game with a 59-45 win.

Windsor had only three players that scored at all and all three were in double digits - Mitchell Haddock with 11, Nick Hutchenson with 16 and Tristian Warner with 18.  Stew-Stras on the other hand spread their scoring out over 6 players and two in double figures, Mark Jones with 11 points and Aaron Blythe who had a great game and 28 points.

Next year the bracket will look different since we will have one year with just 9 teams so this game will stand for at least one year as the last two teams to play the Saturday opener.  There is talk that Louisville - North Clay may come into the conference in the 2016-2017 season so it may only be for one year.




Game Notes for Chmapionship Day - 2015

NTC Tournament Game Notes from Kurt Becker for Jan. 31

  • This is the fourth year for the 11:30 a.m. game, which was added to the lineup in 2012 to change the policy of forcing schools to exit the tournament after a loss in the Monday "play-in" games.
  • Windsor has played just once in the last 13 years on closing day at the tournament, finishing third in 2011
  • Windsor has been victorious in each of its last five Saturday appearances: 1993, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2011
  • Stew-Stras is 13-5 all-time against Windsor in this tournament
  • Both Stew-Stras and Windsor are in their 65th year of membership in the National Trail Conference, dating to the 1950-51 school year.
  • Unless both teams make it to the final game at state this year this will be the last time they will ever play since they will become a co-op team next year.
  • The consolation championship has been featured every year at this tournament since 1960
  • Altamont is 14-6 all-time in the consolation final, with those 14 wins ranking as the most of any school
  • Cowden-Herrick last won a Saturday game at this tournament on Jan. 31, 2004, defeating Altamont for the consolation championship
  • The third-place game has been featured every year at this tournament since 1950
  • Now in its third season of NTC membership, South Central has guaranteed itself its best finish yet in this tournament, regardless of today's outcome. (Previous best was a win in the 11:30 a.m. game one year ago.)
  • St. Elmo/Brownstown won the consolation championship last year in its first season as a co-op program
  • The St. Anthony program owns the biggest victory in NTC Tournament history over a state-ranked foe, as the Bulldogs defeated Teutopolis, ranked No. 4 in the state by the Associated Press, in the semifinals on Jan. 31, 1992.
  • No team ranked in the top three of a statewide poll has ever lost in this tournament; Dieterich enters tonight ranked No. 2 in Class 1A by the Associated Press
  • The No. 1 seed is 18-9 all-time in the championship game against the No. 2 seed
  • St. Anthony has beaten the No. 1 seed in the title game on four occasions: 1980, 1982, 2002, and 2009.

This Day in NTC History - Jan 31st

This day (Jan. 31) in NTC Tournament history...

Jan. 31, 1973--Joe Evans and Junior Richards each score 30 points, while Steve Banning adds 25 and Frank Dunaway scores 20 as No. 2 Cowden-Herrick rolls past unseeded St. Elmo in the quarterfinals, 112-75.
Jan. 31, 1974--Chris Sehy, a 6-3 senior, scores 23 points on 11-for-15 shooting to help No. 1 St. Anthony defeat No. 3 Teutopolis in the semifinals, 69-65.
Jan. 31, 1977--Ted Smith scores 25 points and propels No. 1 Teutopolis to a 79-43 triumph over No. 3 St. Anthony for the biggest margin of victory ever (at the time) in the championship game. 
Jan. 31, 1980--In a quarterfinal game broadcast on a Pana radio station by a young Bill Schoening--today the Voice of the San Antonio Spurs--No. 1 Altamont defeats No. 7 Cowden-Herrick, 76-43.
Jan. 31, 1981--After knocking off top-seeded St. Anthony in overtime in the semifinals, No. 4 Stewardson-Strasburg clips No. 2 Altamont in the championship, 51-47, making the Comets the first team in history to beat both the No. 1 and No. 2 seed to win the title. 
Jan. 31, 1992--Matt Bennett and Brian Lee combine for 49 points and 18 rebounds as No. 2 Windsor defeats No. 5 Brownstown in the quarterfinals, 73-57.
Thanks Kurt Becker!

Championship Day Weather

The 80th Champion of the NTC Basketball will be crowned tonight and who will it be.

Congrats to Altamont and St. Anthony on their wins and moving onto the next game.

As for the weather it is a "Good News/Bad News" idea. Good News is not too much snow with a possible 1-2" if the current trends holds.  The Bad News is there is rain coming in and it will make it a little wet later on today with the rain moving in after 2 PM. As of this time the rain is moving into St. Louis according to the radar. The other part is the snow may hold off till Sunday but be ready as just to our North there is a Winter Weather Advisory.

Daytime High Temps in the High 40's and Lows in the mid 30's and little to no wind out of the southwest to southeast and rain chances are 40% this afternoon and 90% for tonight with possible snow.

The best thing to do is be ready for anything to happen.

Today it looks like it will go full court.



Games 9 & 10 Matchup History


  • In a milestone year for the tournament, this game matches the two remaining charter members of the conference which haven't been affected by consolidation or a cooperative arrangement; the other five charter members of the NTC are Brownstown (entered into a co-op with St. Elmo in fall of 2013), Cowden (consolidated with Herrick in fall of 1971), St. Elmo (co-op with Brownstown), Stewardson (consolidated with Strasburg in fall of 1950), and Teutopolis (withdrew from conference following 2011-12 season)
  • Altamont hopes to reach the final day of the tournament for the 10th consecutive year; the last Saturday lineup without Altamont was in 2005
  • This marks the first time in tournament history for Neoga to be the No. 10 seed; Neoga seeks to become the first No. 10 ever to reach the consolation championship
  • St. Anthony is 11-4 all-time in semifinal play as the No. 2 seed
  • Only one team seeded sixth or worse has ever beaten St. Anthony in this tournament; in 1993, the Bulldogs lost to No. 7 Brownstown in the semifinals
  • South Central hopes to become only the second team ever to reach the championship game as a No. 6 seed; in 2008, No. 6 St. Elmo defeated No. 2 Teutopolis in the semifinals to advance to the title bout

Thanks again to Kurt Becker - NTC Historian


Game 8 - 'Rank don't mean nothin' as SEB almost Upsets Dieterich


Rank don't mean nothing in the NTC tournament.  Game 8 saw the #1 seed, Ranked #2 in the AP poll and 21-0 record Dieterich Movin' Maroons take on the #5 seed, first year Co-OP St. Elmo - Brownstown Eagles.  Statistically this should have been a walk in the park for the Maroons, but the Eagles had other plans.  Instead of a yawnfest the game ended up being as exciting and as loud as any NTC championship had ever been.  SEB started out taking the lead and then Dieterich came back and the score stayed close to end the first with the Maroons leading 17-13.  It only got tighter in the second with the Eagles outscoring the Maroons 16-13 and the half time score standing at St. Elmo - Brownstown 29 - Dieterich 30.  In the second half the fans on both sides came to life yelling about every call and every play.  The third quarter was almost ALL defense on the court with five points total being score between the two teams and ending with a 31-33 score and Dieterich in the lead.  (NOT an NTC Record BTW -Feb. 1, 1984 - No. 2 Neoga 33, No. 7 Cowden-Herrick 30 (quarterfinals)  ZERO points in the 4th quarter!) At this point the place just went nuts.  With 6:55 left the Eagles' Maxi got a steal and 2 points to give the lead to SEB. At 5:30 SEB was ahead 39-36 and Dieterich took a time out.  The lead bounced back and forth from then on.  At 2:14 Dieterich's Bohnoff hit a 3 to tie the game up 43-43 and then later some shots at the line for the Maroons @ 1:14 got them a 46-45  lead.  After that SEB's Maxi stole the inbounds pass and got 2 points to put SEB in the lead, but then Dieterich scored to take back the lead.  With just seconds left SEB got a turn over and got the socre to 48-47 with Dieterich in the lead.  As is the practice SEB knew they needed to put the Maroons at the foul line to ward off any 3 point shots and to have any chance to win the game.  At that point a strange play (from my vantage point at the desk) involved SEB players trying to foul Lance Niemerg on the inbounds play.  As SEB players surrounded Niemerg they started to bump and then lightly slap at the ball in what looked more like a cat playing with a big cat toy.  Finally the whistle came and Niemerg went to the line.  His shot fell short and in the scramble SEB had control for a while and a glimmer of a tieing or winning shot.  The glimmer went out as Bohnoff stole the ball and made a drive and 2 points at the buzzer to end the game with a 51-47 win for Dieterich.

SEB relied upon the scoring of Landon Feezel who had 10 points, and Malachi Maxi who had 19.  For Dieterich it was mostly Devin Aherin with 12 and Alex Bohnoff with 22 points.  So Dieterich gets another little scare and moves into the Championship game against either St. Anthony or South Central.  St. Elmo - Brownstown moves into the home slot for the 3rd and 4th place game against the loser of the second game on Friday night.

Last Updated on 01-30-15 at 04:12 pm

This Day in NTC History - Jan 30th

Jan. 30, 1973--Sophomore David Tappendorf sinks a pair of free throws to lift No. 4 Altamont past unseeded Windsor in the quarterfinals, 47-46

Jan. 30, 1979--Randy Mathis, a 6-foot-0 junior, scores 34 points and grabs 15 rebounds for No. 8 Windsor in the quarterfinals, but the Blue Devils fall 70-62 to No. 4 Neoga
Jan. 30, 1981--Wally Thompson and Grant Beals light up the board with 31 points each, but Thompson and his Cowden-Herrick teammates prevail over Beals and Beecher City, 84-81, in the consolation semifinals
Jan. 30, 1992--Brian Schultz, a 6-2 senior, converts a four-point play with :01 showing on the clock to push No. 4 St. Anthony past No. 1 Teutopolis in the semifinals, 58-57
Jan. 30, 1993--No. 7 Brownstown becomes the lowest seed ever to win the championship, as Curtis Schwarm drains a 15-footer at the buzzer to give the Bombers a 50-49 victory over No. 1 St. Elmo
Thanks to the NTC Historian - Kurt Becker

Game 7 - Colton Burrus hits 1,000 as Hornets beat Eagles 64-36


In the consy semi final game on Thursday night Beecher City squared up with Cowden Herrick in a game that saw almost all players on both teams getting some points on the board.  In the first quarter it was close throughout and ended with Beecher City having a 10-9 lead over Cowden-Herrick.  In the second the Hornet's Colton Burrus had his scoring spree hitting three from the field, two from the line and two outside the arc for 14 points in the second quarter.  With 5:50 in the second he hit a three point shot at the top of the key to over 1,000 career points.  By the end of the second he had 1,007 career points and since he did not score in the second half that is where he finished the game.  At the half the Hornets had the lead 30-23.  Into the third the Hornets continued to distance the lead over the Eagles ending the third 43-31 and really poured it on in the 4th quarter scoring 21 points to Beecher City's 5 points and ending the game with a 64-36 win.

Beecher City had Austin Rexroad score 11 points while Daniel Harder lead the Eagles with 12 points.  The Hornet had three plaers in double digits, Micah Sandiford with 10, Colton Burus with 17 and Konner Blackerby hitting 3 three pointrs and getting a total of 18 points.  Beecher City bow out of the tournament while Cowden-Herrick will return Saturday afternoon to play either Altamont or Neoga for the consolation championship.

Last Updated on 01-30-15 at 10:35 am

This Day in NTC History - Jan 29th

Jan. 29, 1972--Mike Booher, Tim Cox, and John Lowe all score in double digits as No. 3 St. Elmo edges No. 4 Brownstown in the championship, 61-59.

Jan. 29, 1981--Just one week after St. Anthony had defeated Stewardson-Strasburg in double overtime in regular season play, No. 4 Stew-Stras turns the tables and defeats St. Anthony in overtime in the tournament semifinals, 64-61.
Jan. 29, 1986--Joe Wills scores in double digits to help No. 2 Beecher City top No. 7 Altamont in overtime in the quarterfinals, 73-72.
Jan. 29, 2000--Andrew Gobczynski posts a double-double (20 points, 10 rebounds) and finishes the night perfect from the foul line to help No. 1 Teutopolis defeat No. 2 St. Anthony in the championship, 68-56.
Thanks Kurt!

Games 7&8 Matchup History

From Kurt Becker - NTC Historian

Cowden-Herrick vs. Beecher City (consolation semifinal)

  • Cowden-Herrick is a perfect 8-0 all-time in the tournament against Beecher City. (This does not include games prior to 1972, before Cowden consolidated with Herrick.)
  • These two teams last met in the tournament in 2001
  • These two teams last met in the consolation bracket in 1981, when Wally Thompson of Cowden-Herrick and Grant Beals of Beecher City each scored 31 points, with Cowden-Herrick prevailing 84-81.
No. 1 Dieterich vs. No. 5 St. Elmo/Brownstown (championship semifinal)
  • The first year for teams to be seeded in this tournament was 1960; in 45 of 55 years (1960-2014), the No. 1 seed has reached the championship game
  • The last No. 1 seed which did not reach the title game was Teutopolis, in 1992
  • Prior to their "co-op" arrangement, St. Elmo and Brownstown each boasted a victory over a No. 1 seed in this tournament. In 1972, No. 3 St. Elmo topped No. 1 St. Anthony in overtime in the semifinals, 84-80, while in 1993, No. 7 Brownstown edged No. 1 St. Elmo in the championship, 50-49.
  • St. Elmo/Brownstown seeks to become the first No. 5 seed to reach the championship game since Altamont in 1976. (Both a No. 6 and a No. 7 seed have reached the championship game since then, but not a No. 5.)

Windsor VS Stew-Stras Game 11 and NTC History

From our NTC Historian, Kurt Becker
Realizing Saturday morning will arrive quickly, I wanted to give you each a "heads-up" on the history of the boys' basketball programs at both Windsor and Stewardson-Strasburg, especially given the fact this will likely be the final meeting between the two schools before next season's projected cooperative arrangement...
Windsor High School joined the National Trail Conference in the 1950-51 season, which also happened to mark Stewardson-Strasburg's foray into the NTC. (Stewardson High School, prior to consolidation, had been a charter member of the conference; Strasburg had no such prior affiliation.) 
One of the most memorable NTC Tournament meetings between these schools occurred in 1954, when unheralded Windsor stunned favored Stew-Stras in the championship, 71-67. Future Effingham High School coach and IBCA Hall of Famer Jim Maxedon was a starter for Windsor that season and ranked as one of the team's leading scorers. 
All told, there have been 18 meetings in this tournament between the two schools, with Stew-Stras boasting a 13-5 record in those contests. 
Windsor claims not only Maxedon among its alumni but also IBCA Hall of Famer Monty Nohren (Class of '56), who later coached Stew-Stras to an Elite Eight berth in the 1995 IHSA Class A State Tournament. Windsor is also the alma mater of Bill Edwards (Class of 1960), who served as captain of the University of Illinois "Fighting Illini" basketball squad in 1964.
Stew-Stras boasts the distinction of seeing two of its basketball players later realize success as the coach of a state champion basketball team. IBCA Hall of Famer Mike Reynolds guided Findlay High School to the Class A state title in 1992, while John Giesler coached Illini Central (Mason City) to the Class 1A state crown in 2013. 
Windsor has given the NTC Tournament some of its most prolific scorers, including Brian Lee (Class of 1992), whose 241 points still rank second on the tournament's career scoring list. In fact, four of the top seven career scoring leaders are Windsor grads, including Edwards, with 211 points, as well as Randy Mathis (Class of 1980) with 194, and Rod Maxwell (Class of 1969) with 193. Mathis also holds the tournament's single-season scoring record, with 108 points in three games during his senior year, as well as the tournament's single-game record, with 41 points on Feb. 2, 1979, in a consolation semifinal. 
Memorable individual scoring performances for Stew-Stras include Ryan Cox's 31 points in the 1995 championship and Ben Giertz's 37 points in the third-place game in 2007. Josh Pruemer (Class of 2002) ranks as the Comets' career scoring leader in the tournament, with 190 points. 
Both schools also have earned hardware for the NTC in postseason play. 
Stew-Stras is remembered not only for its Elite Eight appearance in the 1990s but also for a run of five consecutive regional championships in the 1970s, including a Sweet 16 in 1974. Windsor put together a memorable season just four years ago which culminated with a trip to the sectional championship and a berth in the Class 1A Sweet 16. 
The two schools have combined to win six NTC Tournament championships and six regular season titles. 

Game 6 is an upset as seed 6 South Central wins over #3 Altamont, 59-50


It is said it is hard to beat a team four times in a row and Altmont seemed to verify that saying when they lost to South Central in Game 6 with a score of 50-59.  Both teams got off to a slow start but South Central started driving the lane and set the tone for most of the game with an 18-6 lead at the end of the first Quarter.  Altamont played catch-up in the second and third quarters but did not close the gap.  At the half it was 26-19 and at the end of the 3rd it was 43-37.  It was not until the 4th quarter that Altamont closed the gap and tied the score with 6:50 left in the 4th.  But that was as good as it ever got.  The Cougars pulled away and the Indians came back to tie it again at 4:35 at 2:57.  South Central turned over the ball at 1:02 and Altamont burned the clock and took time outs to get the clock down to 8 seconds.  On the last play Altamont bricked three shots under the rim and the game went into overtime with a score of 45-45.  In OT the Cougars jumped out to control the action and ran out to a 52-48 lead.  The Indians never got it back and ended with a loss of 50-59 at the final buzzer.

Altamont had three players with double digits, Thomas Caravello with 12, Ryan Armstrong with 13 and Adam Mayhaus with 16, but the 9 points from 4 other players just did not make up the difference.  The Cougars had four in double digits, Evan Langly with 11, Dre Hill with 12 (and the clutch free throws at the end of the game), Brett Harmeir with 13 and Noah Powless had a quiet 15 points.

South Central moves into the Championship semi final game in what we think is the first time for them in the NTC while Altamont drops into what had been a familar sport for them in years past - one game out of the Consolation Championship.


Game 5- Neoga keeps it close but falls to St. Anthony 39-25


In a game that saw Neoga playing better than the were the last game the Indians kept it close for the first half.  At the end of 1 it was Neoga 8 and St. Anthony 10.  In the second the score stayed knotted at 15-15 for a a long time and then the Bulldogs pulled away as the quarter closed to end the half with a 19-15 lead.  The third quarter was the death nail for the Indians who only scored 2 points to St. Anthony's 10.  The 4th was fairly even, but the Indians could not overcome the deficit from the 3rd and the final score was St. Anthony winning 39-25.

The Bulldogs had points from 9 players but none could break into double digits.  Nick Grunloh had 8 points and Andrew Gardewine put together 9 points.  The Indians missed the scoring of Baker and Kersey.  Luke Baker had 8 points and Ronnie Kersey had 7 while Corey Kersey only had 4.

St. Anthony moves into the semi final to play the #6 seed South Central who scored an upset in the second game.  Neog drops back to play Altamont for a shot at the Consolation Championship.

Last Updated on 01-28-15 at 10:18 pm

Game 4 - SEB outscores Cowden-Herrick to move towards the championship


The SEB Eagles put down 14 points at the line to take a 76 - 53 win from The Cowden-Herrick Hornets.  For the Eagles Feezel and Maxey were scoring well in the first half with 17 and 15 poi9nts repectively.  SEB lead 43-22 when half time rolled around.  The Hornets got a bit closer in the 3rd quarter a few times but just could not put together a game to keep closing the gap and had a 41-62 deficit at the end of 3.  By the end it was a 53-76 loss for the Hornets.  SEB had two players break 20 points for the evening, Maxey with 20 and Feezel with 27.  Cowden had three players in double digits, Trey Pasley with 10, Micah Sandiford with 11 and Konner Blackerby with 17.  The Hornets move into a semi final game against Beecher City for the consolation championship while SEB gets the hard row to hoe and will face an undefeated Dieterich team in the game 8, a championship semi-final on Thursday night.


Last Updated on 01-28-15 at 04:15 pm

Game 3 Dieterich Flirts With Disaster, but not from Beecher City


In Game 3 The Movin' Maroons won over the Beecher City Eagles, 80-35 to maintain their undefeated record and live up to their #2 ranking in the AP Poll.  The Eagles started out holding the score down but once the scoring started they could not keep up.  After one the Eagles were trailing 6-19 and by the half the lead stretched out to 28-16.  Although in the scorebook it looked like the Maroons had a great third quarter ending with a 64-22 lead but they got a little scare when Travis Niemerg had a break away dunk with 2:45 left came down on his ankle wrong and had to be helped off the floor.  The loss of Niemerg did not seem to slow down the Maroons in this game as they ended the game a 80-35 winner, but the concern is will Niemerg be ready to play against SEB on Thursday night.

For Beecher City only Austin Rexroad could get into double figures with 10 points while Stefanski and Arnold put togther 6 points each.  Dieterich on the other hand had a dozen player put points on the board and three in double digits, Cody Gephart with 10, Devin Aherin with 11 and Travis Niemerg getting 14 before being helped off the floor.  Dieterich advances into the semifinal game 8 against Saint-Elmo Brownstown and Beecher City slides back to play Cowden-Herrick in the Thursday night opener to se who goes into the consolation championship.

Last Updated on 01-28-15 at 04:15 pm

Game 5 and Game 6 Historical Notes


  • St. Anthony is 62-1 all-time in NTC Tournament quarterfinal play; the lone loss came in 2013, to Stewardson-Strasburg
  • Neoga must overcome some history, as the No. 10 seed is 0-5 all-time in the quarterfinals, losing by an average score of 81-38
  • Neoga's lone NTC Tournament title came in 1938, which was also the only time the event was ever contested on Neoga's home floor. Coach Clyde Mills lettered in basketball for the three-year school at Montrose (Class of 1923) and in his fourth year at Effingham (Class of 1924). He then coached at Dieterich and Neoga, before becoming superintendent at Altamont and spearheading the effort to built Altamont's present-day gymnasium. Ironically, Mills died of cancer in 1954 and his funeral was held in the newly-completed gym which he had been so instrumental in designing, and which has served as the host site for the tournament since 1957.
  • John Niebrugge, now in his third season, is 2-0 in quarterfinal play in this tournament as Altamont's coach; the No. 3 seed is Altamont's worst seeding during his tenure, with the Indians having been seeded No. 2 each of the prior two years.
  • This marks South Central's third year in the NTC and its first time to be seeded as anything other than No. 10. That said, the Cougars have proved to be dangerous in this event, pulling an upset on play-in night in 2013 and rallying from an 18-point deficit to win by 13 points in the seventh-place game in 2014. 

Thanks Kurt Becker!


This Day in NTC History - Jan 28th

More NTC history from our historian, Kurt Becker

Jan. 28, 1974--Beecher City gets a one-handed shot from Tim Frey at the buzzer for a 64-62 victory over St. Elmo in the opening game of the tournament.

Jan. 28, 1980--Wally Thompson, a 6-1 junior, finishes with 31 points and 12 rebounds to lead Cowden-Herrick past Neoga, 69-60, in the quarterfinals.
Jan. 28, 1989--Tony Bryant, a 6-2 sophomore, scores 31 points and grabs 13 rebounds to help St. Anthony to a 73-61 triumph over Neoga in the championship.
Jan. 28, 1995--Ryan Cox scores 31 points in the championship game to lead Stewardson-Strasburg past defending champion Teutopolis, 57-48, giving the Comets their first title in 14 years.
Jan. 28, 2012--In its final appearance in the tournament, Teutopolis posts a 69-39 decision over Dieterich in the championship. 
Last Updated on 01-29-15 at 08:53 am

Games 3 & 4 - History from Kurt

Kurt Becker, the NTC Historian, gives us some more history of the teams playing in games 3 and 4 this year.

  • The current Dieterich squad (20-0) is chasing the best start in school history. During the 1973-74 season, Dieterich won its first 25 games before falling in postseason play to finish the year at 25-1.
  • The last time the top seed lost in the quarterfinals was 1969 (unseeded Teutopolis over No. 1 Beecher City)
  • Dieterich joined the conference in the 2009-10 school year; each of the last three seasons, Dieterich has finished the tournament in the same spot where it was seeded, namely 2nd in 2012, 1st in 2013, and 3rd in 2014.
  • Beecher City joined the NTC in 1942-43 after being courted because of its athletic facilities, which were the product of increased funds from revenues associated with the oil boom of the era. Beecher City's gym hosted the NTC Tournament from 1944-56. 
  • Cowden-Herrick may be hoping for deja vu, as the Hornets won a quarterfinal match in this same spot as the No. 4 seed in 2013, over No. 5 St. Elmo (prior to St. Elmo's cooperative arrangement with Brownstown)
  • In its 44-year history, Cowden-Herrick has won quarterfinal games on just six occasions: 1973, 1980, 1989, 1990, 2005, and 2013
  • Cowden (prior to its consolidation with Herrick) was a charter member of the NTC and played Brownstown in the first game in NTC Tournament history on Dec. 5, 1935; Brownstown won, 21-18.
  • St. Elmo last won a quarterfinal in 2012, while Brownstown last won a quarterfinal in 1994. The schools are seeking their first NTC quarterfinal victory under their cooperative agreement, which is only in its second season. 
  • St. Elmo and Brownstown (both of whom were charter members of the NTC) respectively boast two of the oldest basketball traditions along the I-70 corridor, with St. Elmo's program originating in the fall of 1905 and Brownstown having formed its first team by the fall of 1911.

Game 1 of NTC 2015 is Beecher City over Windsor 53-50


In a close and very physical game the Eagles held onto a lead to beat the Blue devils in game one with a score of 53-50.  At the half it was 27-25 Beecher city and at the end of three Windsor held the lead at 43-42.  The lead bounced around a few times but the Eagles held off last minute advances by the Blue Devils to win the game.  For Windsor Tristian Warner put in 18 hard fought points and Nicholas Hutchenson lead the team with a smooth 23 points.  The Eagle spread out their scoring a little more with Daniel Harder getting 10 points, Austin Stefanski getting 11 and Austin Rexroad leading the way with 20 points.

The win for Beecher City puts them into a tough game against the #1 seed Dieterich and little rest as they play in game#3.  The Blue Devils drop into the opening game on Saturday that due to the results of game 2 pits them against The Stew-Stras Comets.  That game, #11 will possibly have a little NTC history since it will probably be the last time Windsor and Stew-Stras will ever play each other since they will be a co-op team next year.

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