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The 2017 National Trail Conference
Welcomes The North Clay Cardinals




Welcome to the 2018 NTC tournament.  This year the tournament plays 14 games with one game on Monday and three games on Thursday.  

With a number of schools co-oping sports you may not know who they are.

  • WSS is the Windsor - Stewardson-Strasburg Hatchets
  • SEB is the St. Elmo - Brownstown Eagles.  In some sports they may be BSE - Brownstown - St. Elmo.
  • CHBC - is the Cowden-Herrick - Beecher City Bobcats.  For CHBC you will see blue letters on a red background or you may see red letters on a blue background.
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Game 6 South Central VS Cowden-Hedrick Beecher City

A game against the cats, the Cougars of South Central (SC) and the Bobcats of Cowden-Herrick Beecher City (CHBC)! Game 6 of the 2018 NTC Tournament held on January 25th @5:00 PM at Altamont High School, between the teams of SC and CHBC. The game itself was off to a good start with good amounts of competition, with the final score of the first quarter being tied up at 14 points for both teams. Each basketball team has their own score leader, for CHBC its Webster (#4) and for SC it is Lotz (#3). Webster and Lotz both ended the first quarter scoring 21 points individually. A majority of Lotz’s points were 3’s, in fact in the first quarter all Lotz scored was 3’s. Webster’s points were more sporadic and spread more through the quarters, 2’s being his majority shots made.
Timeouts were a last result it seemed for SC. SC had used all of their five allowed timeouts in the game. Two of the 30 second timeouts were in the first and third quarters, both being called within the last two minutes of each quarter. After they used the two 30’s, they had to result to full timeouts, their full timeouts were used in the third and fourth quarters of the game, used at various times. CHBC had only used three of their allowed five timeouts and of the three, two were 30 second and one was a full timeout. The two 30 seconds were used in the third and fourth quarter with the third quarter timeout being used around 7 minute and the fourth quarter time out being used around 3 minutes. The one full timeout that was used was called in the fourth quarter with .49.3 seconds left on the clock.
The game after the first quarter got more separated with SC lagging behind in points to CHBC. the game finally ended with CHBC winning 62 to 55.


Altamont Wins First NTC Championship Over St. Anthony 45-27

The saying “third time’s a charm” truly prevailed during the thirteenth annual National Trail Conference championship game on Saturday, January 20, 2018. Altamont came into this tournament this year with the record of 20-4 and were undefeated (7-0) in conference play. In the previous two years Altamont has came in second, just behind St. Anthony both times. This year’s championship game was a familiar sight, Altamont (#1 seed) vs. St. Anthony (#3 seed). Just six weeks prior, Altamont defeated St. Anthony in regular season play 31-20.

Right out of the gate, Altamont came out on fire. After only three minutes of play, the Indians were up 6-0 after buckets from Guse (#34), Runge (#30), and Mayhaus (#42). The Bulldogs would only score on a set of free throws in this quarter. Altamont led 12-2 after one quarter of play. The fire from the Lady Indians sizzled out a bit in the second quarter. The Bulldogs pushed to outscore Altamont 14-10 during this quarter. The Indians had baskets from Runge, Stone (#10), and Hardiek (#32). Their team effort would help them with a 22-16 lead by halftime.

The third quarter was a replay of the first. The Bulldogs would were unable to score until six minutes had gone by. All the while, the Indians continued to hammer down. Altamont’s Mette (#22) added a single free throw, and Mayhaus added five points all in a matter of a minute. The Lady Bulldogs got a little more pep in their step after using a timeout. At the end of the third, Altamont led 33-20.  Near the very beginning of the fourth quarter, Mayhaus was fouled hard going up underneath the basket. Clearly shaken up, Mayhaus made one of the two throws, and then left the game with a shoulder injury. Continuing the fourth, the Lady Indians received contributions from Schultz (#20) and Goeckner (#24). With just minutes remaining in this championship game, St. Anthony decided to try their luck by fouling. Luck was not on their side tonight, as the Indians were perfect on their free throws. Altamont finally made history after the buzzer marked the end of the fourth, winning 45-27.



KayeAnn Patton Reporter Contract

The boys' basketball NTC of 2017-2018 was held at Altamont High School. The third place game was played by the Indians of Neoga and the Hatchets of Windsor Stew-Straws (WSS). This game was played on Saturday, January 27, around 12:00 pmNo . The starters for Neoga were #20 Reese Johnson, #23 Drew Ramert, #31 Caleb Hills, #33 Jackson Clark, and #34 Clayton Butler. The starters for Windsor Stew-Straws were #10 Chase Thies, #11 Gavin Bennett, #12 Adam Burton, #22 Christian Kessler, and #33 Isaac Kramer. The game started off with #23 Drew Ramert, from Neoga, making a 2 pointer while being fouled, he made one point from his free throws. The first quarter ended with Neoga in the lead with 20 points and WSS with 11 points. Neoga had 4 team fouls first quarter with WSS having 3. The second quarter Neoga stayed in the lead making 11 more points and WSS made only one 2 pointer. By the end of third quarter, Neoga gained 9 more points sticking to the lead while WSS gained 17 more points. Ending the game, WSS gained 18 more points while Neoga gained 16 more points winning the game 56 to 48. Total fouls overall for Neoga was 15, WSS had 20. Top scorers for Neoga include #20 Reese Johnson with 17 points and #23 Drew Ramert with 11 points. Top scorers for Windsor Stew-Straws include #22 Christian Kessler with 15 points and #33 Isaac Kramer with 12 points. Neoga beat Windsor Stew-Straws 56-48 making the game enjoyable and intense.

 NTC Neoga Timeout '17-'18

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Championship Game. St.Anthony takes another title with the score 53-48

The boys' basketball NTC of 2017-2018 was held at Altamont High School. Game 14 was played by the Dieterich Movin' Maroons and the St. Anthony Bulldogs. St. Anthony beat North Clay and Neoga to get to the Campionship game. Dietrich beat South Central and Windsor-StewStraws to get to the Championship game. This game was played on Saturday, January 27, at 7:15pm. St. Anthony's starters were #3 Cade Walsh, #13 Alex Deters, #21 Adam Levitt, #23 Jack Nuxoll, and #43 Alex Beesley. Dietrich's starters were #12 Devon Flach, #13 Bryce McClain, #23 Ryan Radloff, #34 Tyler Higgs, and #35 Callaway Campton. The end of the first quarter ended with St. Anthony ahead with the score being 15-8. St. Anthony kept the lead through the second quarter with the score being 26-23. By the end of third quarter, St. Anthony kept their high lead with the score 40-31. St.Anthony won the game with the ending score of 53-48. Even though St. Anthony won, Dietrich kept a good fight all the way until the end. By the end of the game, St. Anthony had four time outs. Dietrich ended with five time outs. Overall, the game was good and both teams fought through to the end.



Consolation Championship

The Altamont Indians played St. Elmo-Brownstown(SEB) Eagles during the Consolation Championship game on January 27, 2018. The starters for the Indians were #20 Biggs, #22 Jahraus, #32 Duckwitz, #34 Klitzing, and #42 Whitt. The starters for the Eagles were #11 Aderman, #13 Brown, #20 Maxey, #23 Goldsborough, and #24 Philpot. St. Elmo-Brownstown(SEB) held a lead until the end of the first quarter finishing in a tie 14-14. By the end of the second quarter, the Indians began to have a bigger lead on the Eagles. The first half ended 34-21. The Eagles worked on the lead and ended the third quarter 46-41 with the Indians in the lead. During the fourth quarter, the Eagles came back and ended the fourth quarter 57-57. During overtime, the Indians took the lead and won 71-65.


Joe Milchman

Joe MIlchman celebrated his 88th birthday on Friday the 26 of January, 2018 by attending the NTC game. Mr. Milchman has not missed a game since 1973, which means he has attended 45 years in a row. He played in the NTC game in 1948 as a player for Stewardson; now known as Stew-Stras. He has refereed basketball but never for the NTC games because he lives in a town that belongs to that conference but he’s okay with that because he just enjoys watching the sport. Joe Milchman does not root for one team above anyone else he said he does not have a favorite; he’s just there to enjoy the games. Joe is losing his sight in his old age but he says that as long as he can see he will continue to attend the games and continue to be a loyal supporter of the NTC tournaments.



Game 2 St.Anthony Vs. North Clay

Game 2 St. Anthony vs. North Clay. St. Anthony didn't use any time outsbut North Clay use almost all. North Clay lost the game against St. Anthony. St. Anthony had the game going their way. At half time St. ANthony was wining. St. Anthony won and was going to play Thursday game 8 and North Clay was going Thursday for game 7.

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Game 5 - Windsor - Stew-Stras 46 - St. Elmo - Brownstown 30

Game 5 of the boys' basketball NTC of 2017-2018 was held at Altamont High School. Game 4 was played by Windsor/Stewstras and Brownstown/St.Elmo. WSS was the sixth seed; SEB was the third seed. This game was played on Wednesday, January 24, at 8:00pm. The starters for WSS were #10 Chase Thies, #11 Gavin Bict, #12 Adam Martin, #22 Christian Kessler and #33 Isaac Kramer. The starters for SEB were #13 Lewis Brown, #20 Isaac Maxey, #24 Nate Philpot, #23 Andy Goldsborough, and #22 Tyler Probst.

After winning the tip, WSS immediately started running a fast paced offense which kept SEB on their toes the entire first half. Lacking height, SEB relied on their ball handling skills and quick shots to make it a competitive game. The first quarter ended with WSS leading SEB 13-9. The second quarter started out very sloppy. Both teams had multiple turnovers within one minute which resulted in a WSS timeout being called only forty seconds after the quarter started. After the game resumed, SEB started using their speed to their advantage as they found multiple spaces to drive towards the basket. With WSS still in the lead, SEB became quite aggressive on the defensive ending the quarter with 8 fouls. By the end of the second quarter, WSS was in the lead leaving the score to a measly 14-19. The second half started with both teams being more than eager to score. Both WSS and SEB took every shot opportunity that came their way. As SEB gained more offensive control, WSS started to lead in fouls. SEB definitely maintained control over the third quarter. With only 4:17 remaining in the quarter, WSS furiously called a timeout to pull the team together. With a new sense of inspiration, WSS turned the quarter around and came out on top. They made a comeback and finished the quarter leading SEB 30-24. The fourth quarter was an extremely aggressive ball game. Noticing the importance to score, SEB tried everything in their power to gain control of the ball. This resulted in the outstanding offense of WSS. They maintained excellent control which allowed them to win the game 46-30. WSS went on to play Dieterich the following night.



Game 11 North Clay 78 - CHBC 65

Game 11 was played between the Bobcats of Cowden-Herrick Beecher City (CHBC) and the Cardinals of North Clay. This game started at 11:30 on Saturday, January 27. CHBC was the 9th seed, while North Clay was the #8th seed. The starting line up for CHBC consisted of #4 Dylan Webster, #35 Dylan Taylor, #Keegan Martin, #30 Marshall Nohren, and #50 Nick Miller. North Clay’s starting lineup consisted of #5 Bryce Holdenbrink, #20 Kaden Turner, #23 Quincy Aldrich, #24 Aleon Rinehart, and #30 Reese Blank.

North Clay started the first quarter by winning the tip off. Both teams had a very high scoring first quarter. North Clay ended the quarter with a total of 26 while CHBC ended the quarter with 20 points. North Clay’s Kaden Turner lead the Cardinals in scoring the first quarter with a total of 13 points. CHBC’s Marshall Nohren lead the Bobcats in scoring with a total of 6 points. CHBC started the second quarter trailing by 6 points. The scoring momentum from the first quarter also slowed down for the Bobcats. The Cardinals scored 23 more points the second quarter, while the Bobcats only scored 11. The score at the half was 49-31 with the Cardinals leading. The Cardinals had a total of 9 team fouls to end the second quarter, while the Bobcats had a total of 13 team fouls. Throughout the first half, both teams each used a 30 second time out.

Once again, at the start of the third quarter the Bobcats trailed the Cardinals, this time by 18 points. North Clay lost a little momentum during the third quarter and only managed to score 16 more points. The Bobcats were able to keep up with them this quarter and scored a total of 15 points. In the fourth quarter, the Bobcats were finally able to manage to outscore the Cardinals with a total of 19 points to the Cardinals 13 points. However, the Bobcats were not able to pull off enough to win the game. The Cardinals of North Clay were victorious over the CHBC Bobcats with an end game score of 78-65. North Clay’s Kaden Turner was the lead scorer with a total of 17 points. CHBC’s lead scorer, Keegan Martin was able to drop 14 points.



Game 9 - SEB Eagles vs. CHBC Bocbats

Game 9 of the 83rd annual boys’ basketball NTC took place on January 26th 2018, in the Altamont High School gym at 6:15. The game was played by the St. Elmo-Brownstown(SEB) Eagles, coached by Greg Feezel, and the Cowden Herrick-Beecher City(CHBC) Bobcats,  coached by Marc Bain. The starters for SEB were #13 Lewis Brown, #20 Isaac Maxey, #24 Nate Philpot, #23 Andy Goldsborough, and #40 Rocky Himes. The CHBC starters were #4 Dylan Webster, #5 Dylan Taylor, #22 Keegan Martin, #30 Marshall Nohren, and #50 Nick Miller.

SEB came out very strong in the beginning and immediately took the lead with Goldsborough scoring the first 2-pointer of the game. Maxey proved to be a very effective shooter and player throughout the first quarter making one 2-pointer and two threes. The Bobcats didn’t give up, they stayed in the game by making two baskets by Webster, and two free throws by Martin.  Only one timeout was used by Bain with 5:12 to go in the first quarter and it was the only timeout he called throughout the entire game. The first quarter ended with the SEB Eagles leading the CHBC Bobcats 6-10. During the second quarter, the SEB Eagles really became a very strong, competitive team and Brown led SEB on a scoring spree making 18 out of the 32 total points added to the board, leaving the CHBC Bobcats in the dust. The Bobcats were having trouble scoring throughout the quarter and only added 6 points total.  By the end of the first half, the SEB  Eagles were dominating the Bobcats with a score of 12-42. The third quarter was a slow scoring quarter, but the Bobcats came back and showed that they were there to play their hardest, and proved it by scoring 11 total points, 5 by Miller, 2 by Webster, 2 by Taylor, and 2 by Martin. SEB only scored 4 total, 3 by Brown and 1 by Goldsborough. The third quarter end score was 23-46. Although the Bobcats played tough the entire game, they did not score enough to out score the Eagles. During the fourth quarter the CHBC Bobcats made a total of a 17 points (15 by Webster, 2 by Taylor), while the SEB Eagles made a total of 20 points(1 by Aderman, 8 by Maxey, 2 by Brooks, 2 by Goldsborough, 6 by Philpot, 1 by Himes). The Final score after the second half was 40-66 in SEB’s favor. The SEB Eagles went on to play the Altamont Indians for the Consolation Championship on Saturday, January 27th, at 1:00.



Consolation Championship - Altamont 71 - SEB 65 (ot)

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Meanwhile - take a look at the official book.


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Game 9 - SEB 66 - CHBC 40

Write up to coome

Meanwhile take a look at the offical book.


St. Anthony vs. Neoga

The NTC Boys basketball game between St. Anthony and Neoga was held on January 25th 2018, at 6:30. This game was the eighth game of the tournament. The starters for St. Anthony were Cade Walsh #3, Alex Deters #13, Adam Levitt # 21, Jack Nuxoll  #23 and Alex Beesley. The Starters for Neoga were Reese Johnson #20, Drew Ramert # 23, Caleb Hill #31, Jackson Clark #33 and Clayton Butler #34. The game started off with a very fast paced tempo brought on by St. Anthony. The Bulldogs are a very fast paced team, forcing many turnovers and getting many more scoring opportunities than their opponents. At 3:14 in the first, Neoga called a timeout to slow things down because of the hot start for St. Anthony. After the timeout Neoga was forced to call another timeout because Alex Deters hit two consecutive threes, making the score 19-05 in favor of St. Anthony. Alex ended the game with 18 points. Neoga then found the open man for a couple quick scores towards the end of the second quarter. The score at the half was 40-18.


The size and quickness of St. Anthony was definitely a big factor in this game. Beesley made a big presents in the paint with 14 points. The points from the starting five of each team was also a big factor. St. Anthony had 61 points while Neoga only had 20 from their starting crew. St. Anthony had a very tight defense making Neoga work even harder to score. Neoga finished up the night shooting 80% from the line while St. Anthony only shot 75% from the line. The game ended with St. Anthony getting the win, 75-32.



Game 3 Neoga 53 - Altamont 38

Game 3 of the NTC tournament Neoga won with 53 to Altamont’s 38. The game between the Altamont Indians and the Neoga Indians was a very intense game; it was the third game of the NTC tournament. The game was played at Altamont Community High School on January 23, 2018. The game started 20 minutes after the first game between the St. Anthony Bulldogs and the North Clay Cardinals finished. The Neoga Indians are seeded 5th while the Altamont Indians are seeded 4th in this year's conference. At the end of the 1st the Altamont Indians led the Neoga Indians by 2 making the score 9 to 7. In the 2nd Neoga scored 19 pts to Altamont’s 10 pts making the score Neoga 26 and Altamont 19 at the half. Ending the 3rd the Neoga Indians were ahead 38 to 28.  #20 Alek Biggs shot 13 total points. #2 Mitchell Stevenson made 11 total points. #22 Aidan Jahraus made a total of 7 points. #32 Denver Duckwitz made 5 points, and #42 Kaleb Whitt made 2 points total. The Neoga Indians total points for each player starts with #23 Drew Ramert with 12 points. #33 Jackson Clark for Neoga shot 12 points. #20 Reese Johnson with 11 points total. #31 Caleb Hill with 10 points, and #8 Mitchell Cornell with 8 points. Altamont will go on to vs North Clay in Game 7 which will be the second game on Thursday January 25th, 2018. The Neoga Indians will advance to vs St. Anthony in Game 8 which will be the last game on Thursday 25th, 2018.


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