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The National Trail Conference
2016 - Fewer Teams With More Action!




The 2015-2016 school year has brought co-oping of teams which has reduced the number of teams in the NTC basketball tournament down to eight.  With the co-ops some of our smaller schools have been able to draw from a larger student population and thus put together a stronger team.  Last year we heard about Windsor and Stew-Stras co-oping sports which brought us a new team this year - The Hatchets.  The name came from a long tradition of hatchet matches between the two schools and the logo features a green hatchet (Stew-Stras) and a blue hatchet (Windsor).  Another Co-op this year is BCCH, Beacher City - Cowden-Herrick.  BCCH brings together some players that played against each other last year and are working togther this year.  Taking the best from Beecher City and the best from Cowden-Herrick BCCH should be a stronger team.  With just eight teams the basketball tournament falls back to 12 games this year and no games on Monday.  Fewer games but they should all be good games!

Next year the North Clay Cardinals should be joining the NTC and there is some discussion of yet another team to join the NTC the year after that! 


NOTE - We have some housekeeping to do!  You may still see the "old" teams logos and names.  Since this website is run by volunteers we sometimes get behind.  Updates on the way!

Last Updated on 01-26-16 at 03:50 pm

2016 Brackets - UPDATED 1-29-16

  CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the brackets.



The NTC 2016 Seeding Meeting was held at Altamont on Jan.17th, which is a week later than years past.  The seeding has each coach ranking the other teams 1-9 and the team with the lowest seed total is ranked #1.  Here is how the seeding totaled up:

Team Seed Team Seed
Altamont 1 South Central 5
Eff. St. Anthony 2 WSS 6
Dieterich 3 BCCH 7
SEB 4 Neoga 8
Last Updated on 01-29-16 at 03:37 pm

Game 7 - The Hatchets fall to the Eagles 52-74

The Beecher City - Cowden Herrick Eagles towed the line in game 7 and hitting the shots at the line made the difference in their 74-52 win over the Windsor Stew-Stras Hatchets.  The game started out close with the Hatchets holding a 15-13 lead at the end of the first.  The Eaghles started their tough defense in the second and turned on the scoring to go to the locker room with a 34-23 lead at half time.  The Hatchets continued fouling and not scoring in the third and fell behind 35-54.  The Eagles stretched out the lead in the 4th and closed jout the game with a 74-52.


The Eagles hit 23 shots at the line while the Hatchets just ht 7.  Christian Kessler lead the Hatchets with 15 points.  The Egales had four players in double digits, Konner Blackerby with 12, MIcah Sandiford with 14, Aaron Nohren with 16 and Austin Rexroad lead the team with 21 points.  The Eagles move on to the Consolation Championship while the Hatchets move into the first game on Saturday.


2016 Championship Game

A BIG THANKS to WXEF and Wayne Moran for not only recording / streaming out the championship game but for also producing a finished video of the game and the related activities.

Here is the championship game in FULL HD Quality!


NTC Championship Day Weather


Congrats to Dieterich and Beecher City/Cowden-Herrick for their wins last night.

Today it all comes together with the final games and the NTC CHAMPIONSHIP. The great news is the weather is going to cooperate all the way and make it a full court shot. The day time high is looking to make it into the mid 50's. YES, I said mid 50's with the winds coming from the South/southwest 5-11 mph and gust in the low 20's. Tonight the weather is still great with it cooling off toward the mid 40's, mostly cloudy and the winds moving from the South at 5-10 and gust in the mid teens.

Yes all of the teams have played hard but I have to say I think this year's MVP is the weather.

Enjoy the games and good luck teams!


Weather Guy

Last Updated on 01-30-16 at 09:34 am

Game 6 - Harmeier hits 1,000 but can't lead South Central to a win as they lose to Altamont 64-46

Bret Harmeier needed just 8 points to break 1,000 career points Thursday night.  Altamont was not going to give him that prize easily.  The Indians dominated the game early and held a 19-6 lead after the first quarter.  Just 42 second before halftime Harmeier finally hit his 8th point and went over 1,000.  Altamont in the meantime had a bad break when starter Klaiton Wolff turned his ankle and went down hard.  Wolff was helped to the bench where he spent the rest of the game and it looks like he will be there for the rest of the tournament.  With a deep bench the Indians continued their domination even without Wolff.  Ryan Armstrong turned on the scoring and hit a pair of threes out of the gate, 12 unanswered points and 16 points total in the first half. The Indians ended the first half with a score of 38-19.  In the second half the Cougar's Harmeier started scoring more and hit 14 points, but it was too little too late.  The Indians kept the win out of reach ending the 3rd quarter with a 51-33 lead and ending the game with a 64-46 win.

For South Central Harmeier was the only player to hit double digits with 22 points for the night and Trevor Markley got close with 9 points.  The two big men for the Cougars got into foul trouble and did not score well.  Each had 4 fouls; Jon Arnold scored 7 and Dre Hill only got 2 points.  For Altamont Ryan Armstrong finished with 20 points and Mitchel Stevenson came in to hit a couple of 3 point shots and tallied up 14 points.  Hosick and Cornett were the next highest scorers with 8 and 9 respectively.

The win and a loss for the Cougars puts them in the third place game as the home team.  The #1 seed Indians move into the championship game as the home team and will play either St. Anthony or Dieterich.  Either way the championship game will not be as easy for the Indians as their first two games have been and should make for a great game.



Game 5 - The Eagles over the Indians 51-32

In the opener on Thursday night the Neoga Indians took on the St. Elmo - Brownstown Eagles.  Instead of hitting on all cylinders in the 1st quarter the Indians were hitting on just one - Caleb Hill. Caleb had all 4 points for Neoga in the 1st.  SEB on the other hand started stretching out the lead early and ended the first with 14 points.  In the second quarter Neoga's Freeman came alive scoring 8 of the 12 points in the quarter.  The Eagles continued to hold the lead and went to the locker room with a 22-16 lead.  In the third quarter the Eagles started playing some tough defense and held Neoga to just 4 points and opened up the lead to 38-20 for the start of the 4th.  SEB continued to run up the score in the 4th and ended the game with a 51-32 win.

Caleb Hill of Neoga could have used some scoring help in the game.  Caleb had 14 points and Andy Freeman who had 8 in the first half only added 2 more in the second half to end with 10 points.  For the SEB Eagles Landon Feezel had 16 points and Kyle Hardimon had 13 points and Klayton Kroll added 9 points to the total.

The Indians drop down into game 9 at 11:30 AM on Saturday while SEB plays the second game on Saturday for the consolation championship.  With just 8 teams in the tournament this year EVERYBODY gets to play on Saturday. The real question is WHEN do they get to play?


In Game 4 It Was The Maroons All The Way To A 59-36 Win.

The Dieterich players towered over most of the Windsor Stew-Stras players with 6' 7" forwards and a 6' 6" center, while the Hatchets big man only got to 6' 3".  The height advantage played out in more rebounds and more ball control up high as the Maroons defeated the Hatchets 59-36.  While the Maroons put togther 15 points in the first quarter the Hatchets had to work hard to get just 4 points.  The Hatchets hit the boards better in the second quarter hitting 8 more points to close the half with 12 points but the Maroons also stepped up their scoring and ended the half with 34 points and the lead.  In the third the Hatchets had their best quarter scoring 13 points and closing the quarter with 25 points.  Dieterich stayed pretty steady hitting 14 points and ended the thrid with a 48-25 lead.  In the end the Hatchets started collecting fouls and not collecting points and the game ended with the Maroons taking a 59-36 win.

In their first NTC tournament appearance the Hatchets spread out their sparse scoring and nobody reached double digits but Tristam Warner got close with 9.  The Maroons had balanced scoring from Nick Feldhake with halves of 6 and 8 points to end with 14 points overall,  It was the scoring of Lance Niemerg that made the difference.  He had 17 points in the first half and ended the evening with a tournament high (so far) of 21 points.

Dieterich moves into a championship semi final game against St. Anthony on Friday night while WSS will play another co-op, BCCH, for a chance to play in the consolation championship.

Last Updated on 01-27-16 at 10:21 pm

Game 3 - BCCH stays in the fight for the first half but falls to St. Anthony 73-46

The Beecher City - Cowden-Herrick Eagles stayed with the St. Anthony Bulldogs for two quarters in the first game on Wednesday night, but lost steam in the third quarter and fell to the Bulldogs 73-46 in the end.  In the first quarter the Eagles trailed the Bulldogs by only 4 points ending the quarter 15-19.  By half time they had slipped a little more but was within striking distance going to the locker room with a score of 39-31.  It was the third quarter when the Bulldogs put the scoring hammer down scoring 21 points while holding the Eagles to just 6 points and starting the 4th with a 62-37 lead.  The Eagles fared better in the 4th but could not outscore the Bulldogs and the game ended with a 73-46 win for St. Anthony.

Beecher City - Cowden-Herrick had two players hit 11 points Konner Blackerby and Autin Rexroad, while St. Anthony had three players go into double digits - Kyle Hartke with 10, Nick Grunloh with 14 and Chandler Martelli leading all scorers with 19.  As expected St. Anthony advances towards the championship game and will play Dieterich on Friday night.  BCCH will play the Windsor Stew-Stras Hatchets in the first game on Friday for a berth in the consolation championship.

Last Updated on 01-27-16 at 10:21 pm

Game 2 - South Central wins a scrappy upset over SEB 50-44

In what proved to be an upset from the start and aphysical game the South Central Cougars stayed ahead of the St. Elmo - Brownstwon Eagles the enitre game - but just barely.  The first half had a lot of action but not a lot of fouls called as the Eagles kept the score within 5 point most of the time.  The Cougars just could not pull ahead of the Eagles and ended the half with a 25-20 lead.  In the third the pattern continued except both teams stepped up the pressure and collected more fouls.  At the end of three it was once again a 5 point margin with South Central leading St. Elmo - Brownstown 34-29.  Half way through the 4th quarter it looked like the Eagles were going to gain the lead with the score being 36-37 with just 3:50 left.  But as it had all night the balance swung back to the Cougars and the game ended with a 50-44 win for South Central.

The Cougars relied on the scoring of Brett Harmeier with 20 and Dre Hill with with 16.  Likewise the SEB Eagles had two players with the lion's share of the points, Landon Feezel with 16 and Kyle Hardimon with 13.  South Central goes on to play the #1 seed Altamont in the second game on Thursday night while SEB plays the early game against Neoga in a bid for the consolation championship.

Last Updated on 01-27-16 at 09:46 pm

Game 1- Altamont over Neoga 50-34


In a game that was a lot closer than it should have been the Altamont Indians won their first game over the Negoa Indians with a score of 50-34.  The game got off to a sloppy slow start and at the end of one it was Altamont 12 - Neoga 3.  In the second quarter Neoga kept getting close; getting within 3 at times and ended the half down by only 5 points, 15 to 20.  Altamont came out locker room and started acting like the first seed team and streatched the lead out by 11 points ending the quarter with the a score of 37-26.  Altamont continued to outscore Neoga in the 4th and ended the game with a 50-34 victory.

Klaiton Wolff was a consistent leading scorer for Altamont knocking down 10 points in each half to end the evening with 20 points.  It took Ryan Armstrong a couple of quaters to warm up only having 4 in the first half but ending the evening with 15.  For Neoga nobody could reach double digits but Trevor Easton and Caleb Hill both put togther 8 points each to lead their tribe.

The win puts Altamont in the championship semi final game against South Central on Thursday night.  Neoga heads towards the consolation championship and will play the first game on Thursday night against St. Elmo - Brownstown.

Last Updated on 02-04-16 at 09:02 am

NTC Fun Facts for 2015-2016

Fun Facts (Provided by Kurt Becker)

1. There will be no Monday session this year. The tournament has had a scheduled Monday session every year from the 1950 edition through 2015. There may have been years when a scheduled Monday session was postponed because of weather but there has always been a Monday game from 1950 to last year.

2. The play-in format for the tournament, which saw all of the losing teams from the Monday night games to go the sidelines, existed from 1981-2011. In 2012 and 2013, only one losing team from the Monday night card was eliminated from further competition In 2014 and 2015, no one was eliminated on Monday night. Instead, both losing teams returned to play Saturday.

With eight teams in the conference for the 2015-16 season, this will mark the first time in history that all of the conference teams will play on the final day of the tournament.

3. The last time the tournament had fewer than 10 teams was 1950 when there were eight.

4. Changes during the tournament over the years:

1935-36 through 1942-43 -- Altamont, Brownstown, Cowden, Neoga, St. Elmo, Stewardson, Teutopolis (charter). 1935-36 through 1942-43 -- seven teams.

1943-44 -- Beecher City joins the conference. 1943-44 through 1949-50 -- eight teams.

1950-51 -- Effingham St. Anthony and Windsor join the conference. Stewardson consolidated with non-conference Strasburg to form Stewardson-Strasburg

1971-72 -- Cowden consolidates with non-conference Herrick to form Cowden-Herrick. 1950-51 through 2008-09 -- 10 teams.

2009-10 -- Dieterich joins the conference

2012-13 -- Teutopolis leaves the conference, South Central joins. 2009-10 through 2012-13 -- 11 teams.

2013-14 -- Brownstown and St. Elmo form a cooperative arrangement known as St. Elmo/Brownstown. 2013-14 through 2014-15 -- 10 teams.

2015-16 -- Beecher City and Cowden-Herrick form a cooperative arrangement known as Beecher City/Cowden-Herrick; Stew-Stras and Windsor form cooperative arrangement known as Stew-Stras/Windsor. 2015-16 -- 

Last Updated on 01-29-16 at 04:21 pm

2015-2016 Altamont Indians

2016 Altamont Indians

Front Row (l-r): Dylan Miller, Drake Williams, Mitchell Stevenson, Joey Caravello, Ryan Armstrong, Logan Deadmond, Eric Wolff
Brandon Hosick; Back Row (l-r): Head Coach John Niebrugge, Raj Patel, Klaiton Wolff, Wyatt Stone Cameron Jackman
Evan Cornett, Sam Childerson, Nate Brown, Adam Mayhaus, Assistant Cole Borders, Assistant Aaron Lock

# Player Year Height
2 Mitchell Stevenson So. 5' 11"
10 Wyatt Stone Jr. 6’ 3"
12 Branden Hosick Sr. 6’ 0"
14 Eric Wolff Sr. 5’ 10"
20 Cameron Jackman Sr. 6’ 3"
22 Adam Mayhaus Sr. 6’ 3"
24 Drake Williams Jr. 5’ 9"
30 Ryan Armstrong Jr. 5’ 11"
32 Joey Caravello Sr. 5’ 10"
34 Logan Deadmond Sr. 5’ 10"
42 Sam Childerson Jr. 6’ 3"
44 Evan Cornett Jr. 6’ 5"
50 Klaiton Wolff Sr. 6’ 1"
52 Nate Brown So. 6’ 3"

Front Row (l-r): Allison Hall; 2nd Row (l-r): JayciQuast, Adela Flach; 3rd Row (l-r): Kerigan Phillips,Allison Schmidt, Maddy Rouleau
4th Row (l-r): Abby Hall, Cheyenne Patton, Emily Koberlein, Grace Camp; Last Row (l-r): Paige Miller, Alexis Jones, Audrey Winters

Last Updated on 01-17-16 at 10:50 pm

2015-2016 BCCH - Beecher City - Cowden-Herrick Eagles

2016 BCCH - Beecher City - Cowden-Herrick Eagles

Front Row (l-r): Konner Blackerby, Cody Grove, Andrew Moeller, Colton Sphar, Westen Giles, Noah Sandiford
Jake Wills Back Row (l-r): Coach Andrew Noble, Lance Arnold, Kyle Black, Austin Rexroad, Daniel Harder
Aaron Nohren, Connor Wachtel, Trey Buzzard, Micah Sandiford, Coach Marc Bain


# Player Year Height
3 Cody Grove Jr. 5' 10"
4 Noah Sandiford Jr. 5' 9"
5 Jake Wills Sr. 5' 7"
15 Konner Blackerby Jr. 5' 10"
20 Westen Giles Sr. 5' 10"
23 Kyle Black Sr. 6' 3"
24 Austin Rexroad Sr. 6' 5"
25 Lance Arnold Sr. 6' 1"
32 Micah Sandiford Sr. 6' 1"
34 Aaron Nohren Jr. 6' 4"
42 Andrew Moeller Sr. 6' 0"
44 Trey Buzzard Jr. 6' 1"
50 Connor Wachtel Sr. 6' 2"
55 Daniel Harder Jr. 6' 5"

Front row (l-r): Bella Doty, Jenna Wojcik, Katie Persinger, Olivia Witteborg, Kallie Clearwater, Jaycie Randall, Wenoa Giles 
Middle Row: Shelby Loy, Nadine Ray, Angel Haslett, Alayna Thompson, Sydney Waldhoff, Sam Hager
Back Row: Sierra Kemme, Macie Heiserman, Sarah Kirchhofer, Carrie Dilley, Addison Brown
Not Pictured: Tabitha Zacha


Last Updated on 01-17-16 at 10:50 pm

2015-2016 Dieterich Maroons

2016 Dieterich Maroons

Seated: L to R: Bryce McClain, Charlie Thoele and Devin Flach
Kneeling: L to R: Wyatt Abbott, Callaway Campton, Ryan Radloff, Dalton Bloemer and Trenton Poe
Standing: L to R: Assistant Coach Sam Thoele, Lance Niemerg, Tyler Higgs, Braxton Overton, Noah Heuerman
Travis Niemerg, Clayton Mellendorf, Thad Howell, Nick Feldhake and Head Coach Jeff Staser.

3 WYATT ABBOTT 5 '10" Sr.
12 DEVIN FLACH 5' 5" So.
13 BRYCE MCCLAIN 5' 8" So.
14 DALTON BLOEMER 5' 10" So.
21 TRENTON POE 5' 11" Sr.
23 RYAN RADLOFF 5' 9" So.
24 NICK FELDHAKE 6' 1" Sr.
32 LANCE NIEMERG 6' 0" Sr.
33 THAD HOWELL 6' 2" Sr.
34 TYLER HIGGS 6' 1" So.
40 NOAH HEUERMAN 6' 7" Sr.


Seated L to R: Ashley Faught, Chelsey Meinhart, Sam Dial, and Kallee Heuerman.
Kneeling L to R: Alex Miller, and Mikayla Winters, Standing L to R: Libby Feldhake
Aly Lane, Maggie Britton, Taylor Gephart, Kiersten Goodman, Hannah Hunzinger and Coach Kim Lane.

Last Updated on 01-17-16 at 10:50 pm

2015-2016 Neoga Indians

2016 Neoga Indians

Front Row: Caleb Hill, Ross Moran, Caleb Abernathy, Hayden Dierker, Manager, Andrew Freeman, Jesse Holt
Back Row: Coach Bob Lockart, Coach Ryne Floyd, Drew Ramert, Ronnie Kersey, Trevor Easton
Clayton Butler, Jackson Clark, Logan Hardesty, Coach Chad Clark

Number Name Height Grade
4 Matteo Clementi 5' 9" Sr.
11 Caleb Abernathy 5' 7" Sr.
12 Jesse Holt 5' 10" Sr.
15 Caleb Hill 6' 0" So.
21 Andy Freeman 5' 9" Jr.
23 Trevor Easton 6' 0" Sr.
24 Ronnie Kersey 6' 1" Sr.
30 Drew Ramert 5' 10" So.
33 Jackson Clark 6' 0" So.
34 Clayton Butler 5' 10" So.


Front Row: Chloe Padgett, Machelle Morgan, Zoe Meadows, Chloe Winchester ,
Back Row: Coach Joyce Meadows, Lauren Romack, Tiffany Roderick, Alyssa Cravens

Last Updated on 01-17-16 at 10:51 pm

2015-2016 St. Anthony Bulldogs

2016 St. Anthony Bulldogs

Front Row (l-r): Alex Deters, Kyle Hartke, Drew Gibson, Jeff Niebrugge, Chandler Martelli, Cade Walsh, Jay Niebrugge
Back Row (l-r): Jack Nuxoll, Adam Levitt, Alex Beesley, Nick Grunloh, Wyatt Lawrence, Ty Kinkelaar, James Kabbes


# Player Height Grade
3 Cade Walsh 5' 9" So.
11 James Kabbes 6' 0" Sr.
13 Kyle Hartke 6' 0" Sr.
15 Chandler Martelli 6' 1" Sr.
21 Adam Levitt 6' 2" So.
23 Nick Grunloh 6' 4" Sr.
25 Alex Deters 6' 1" So.
31 Jack Nuxoll 6' 2" So.
33 Drew Gibson 6' 3" Jr.
35 Ty Kinkelaar 6' 4" Jr.
41 Jeff Niebrugge 6' 3" Sr.
43 Alex Beesley 6' 4" So.
45 Jay Niebrugge 6' 3" Sr.
51 Wyatt Lawrence 6' 4" So.

1st Row (l-r): Parker Anderson, Allison Spraul, Carson Fonner, Elizabeth Falconburg, Sara Ragland
Middle Row (l-r): Mary Claire Wegman, Rachel Wortman, Saidee Bushur, and Lexi Mendella
Back Row (l-r): Ava Wegman, Kendall Fonner, Annika Koester, Madalyn Tegeler, Carly Spraul


Last Updated on 01-17-16 at 11:07 pm

2015-2016 SEB - St. Elmo - Brownstown Eagles

2016 SEB - St. Elmo - Brownstown Eagles

Front Row (l-r): Brock Oberlink, Trey Pasley, Cody Brooks, Kyle Hardimon, Noah Flowers, Taran Duckworth
Back Row (l-r): Greg Feezel, Lewis Brown, Klayton Kroll, Dylan Brooks, Landon Feezel, Colten Miller
Ryan Beccue, Vince Rohr

# Player Name Year Pos. Height
11 Colten Miller Jr. G 6’ 0”
12 Taran Duckworth Sr. G/F 5’ 11”
13 Lewis Brown So. G 5’ 9”
20 Klayton Kroll Jr. F 6’ 0”
23 Dylan Brooks Jr. G 6’ 1”
25 Noah Flowers Sr. G/F 6’ 4”
31 Trey Pasley Sr. F 6’ 5”
32 Landon Feezel Jr. F 6’ 5
34 Brock Oberlink Sr. F 6’ 3”
35 Kyle Hardimon Sr. C 6’ 4”
40 Cody Brooks Sr. C 6' 4"

Front Row (l-r): Addie Cage, Kaylee Sefton, Sydney Rosborough, Annie Brandt;
Middle Row (l-r): Kearstin Scoles, Marissa Caraway, Shelby Moran, Kandice Beshel, Abby Durbin
Brittany Siebert, Alisa Rush; Back Row (l-r): Chloe Haslett, Nicole Buff, Amber Sarchet, Haily Rush

Last Updated on 01-18-16 at 09:46 am

2015-2016 South Central Cougars

2016 South Central Cougars

Back Row (l-r): Brandan Snow, Brett Harmeier, Jonathon Arnold, Drevonte Hill, Ryan Matheny, Trevor Markley;
Front Row (l-r): Logan Lotz, Caleb Harpster, Ean Fox, Trent Geiler, Cauy Blomberg Ryan McCown

3 Brett Harmeier G 6' 1” SR.
5 Logan Lotz G 5’ 4” FR.
10 Drevonte Hill G 6’ 2” SR.
15 Ean Fox G 5' 9” SO.
20 Trevor Markley G 5’ 10” JR.
21 Brandan Snow F 6’ 0” SO.
22 Trent Geiler G 5’ 8” SO.
24 Caleb Harpster G 5’ 9” JR.
35 Cauy Blomberg F 5’ 10” SO.
40 Jon Arnold C 6’ 5” SR.
42 Ryan Matheny F 5’ 11” SO.
54 Ryan McCown F 5’ 10” SO.


Back Row (l-r): Bailey Sigrist, Miriam Blomberg, Yuliana Sigrist, Sydney Miller, Skylar Keele
Front Row (l-r): Lauren Lutz, Shelby McCarty, Kanady Grzegorek, Chelsea Carpenter, Alivia Hall

Last Updated on 01-18-16 at 10:00 am

2015-2016 Stew-Stras Comets

2016 WSS - Windsor - Stew-Stras Hatchets

Front Row – Trevor Quast, Christian Kessler, Derek Moschenrose, Chandler Ballinger, Nic Hutchinson, Josh Overbeck
Middle Row – Manager Jack Burton, Gavin Bennett, Blake Nichols, Chase Thies
Back Row – Tristan Warner, Mitch Haddock, Ted Kessler, Luke Gilbert, Isaac Kramer

2 Trevor Quast 5’ 8½" G SO.
3 Gavin Bennett 5’ 10" G SO.
5 Chandler Ballinger 5’ 9½" G SR.
10 Chase Thies 5’ 10½" F SO.
11 Christian Kessler 6’ 0½" F SO.
12 Joshua Overbeck 5’ 10" F JR.
13 Blake Nichols 5’11" F JR.
14 Nicholas Hutchinson 5’ 11½" G JR.
20 Luke Gilbert 6’ 2" F JR.
22 Mitchell Haddock 6’ 2½" F SR.
24 Tristan Warner 6’ 2" F SR.
33 Isaac Kramer 6’ 1½" C SO.
44 Ted Kessler
6' 3" C SR.

Front Row – Hannah Schumacher, Madison Quast, Olivia Telgmann
Middle Row – Olivia Wilson, Olivia Schuler, Jodie Harris, Bailey Fleshner
Nikita Burry, Cassey O’Donovan Back Row – Stacey Weeden, Autumn Haines
Charles Farmer, Brianna O’Dell, Alexis Price

Last Updated on 01-18-16 at 10:20 am

Game 11 - The Hatchets Are Buried With Stew-Stras on Top

Unless Stew-Stras and Windsor meet in the state series, (I think it would even have to be the state championship game) game 13 marks the final time Stew-Stras will ever play Windsor.  The teams will be co-op with each other next year, and at this point the name "hatchets" is a favorite for the new team name.  The name reflects the "bury the hatchet" games that have been played between the two teams for many years.  Game 13 will most likely be the final "hatchet match" for the Comets and the Blue Devils.  This game was a fitting one with a close game with great action.  At the half the Blue Devils had a slight lead on the Comets 26-25 thanks to Tristian Warner's 12 point first half.  In the third it looked like the Blue Devils might be the winner as the stretched out the lead to 40-34.  In the fourth quarter it was time for the Comets to come alive and they did by holding the Blue Devils to just 5 points in the fourth and scoring 25 points and ending the game with a 59-45 win.

Windsor had only three players that scored at all and all three were in double digits - Mitchell Haddock with 11, Nick Hutchenson with 16 and Tristian Warner with 18.  Stew-Stras on the other hand spread their scoring out over 6 players and two in double figures, Mark Jones with 11 points and Aaron Blythe who had a great game and 28 points.

Next year the bracket will look different since we will have one year with just 9 teams so this game will stand for at least one year as the last two teams to play the Saturday opener.  There is talk that Louisville - North Clay may come into the conference in the 2016-2017 season so it may only be for one year.



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